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Individual OT Services
  • Individual case management.
  • Ergonomic assessment and training.
  • Environmental analysis and design.
  • Activity analysis and modification.
  • Energy conservation and task simplification strategies.
  • Moving and handling consultations.
  • Equipment prescription.
  • Care planning and facilitation.
  • Individual carer support assessments and interventions using a clinically valid carer support model.
  • Driver rehabilitation assessment and training.
  • Secure online telehealth and videoconferencing services.
Expert Witness Services
  • Forensic analysis and summary of medical evidence.

  • Evidence based functional capacity evaluation.

  • Care needs analysis and valuation 

  • Environmental analysis and modification.

  • Equipment prescription and valuation.

  • Work place assessment.

  • Work capacity and transferable skills analysis.

  • Court attendance.

  • Secure online telehealth services.

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