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EVALUATE is an occupational therapy and allied health team who aim to optimise functional recovery and particiaption for people following illness and injury, particularly neurotrauma (brain and spinal cord injury), respiratory disease and life limiting illness.

The EVALUATE team is a group of experienced health professionals led by Joanne Oates, director and owner of the practice. Joanne and her team of consultants have extensive therapuetic experience and provide evidence based assessment and treatment interventions reflecting best current practice. In addition to our core group we have a team of consultants who regularly contribute to and supplement our specialist skill set.  


The EVALUATE team are sought out as expert witnesses in assessing function, environmental and care needs for people with compensable injuries and illnesses in both defendant and plaintiff matters in the New South Wales courts.  Evidence based, impartial and reliable evidence is our core offering in that forum.

Joanne Oates, Director
BAppSc (Occupational Therapy)
MA (Communications)
MPhil (Medicine)
Pamela Logan
Registered Nurse

Joanne is an accomplished clinician, researcher, expert witness, facilitator and business manager in the human performance forum. Joanne is a registered occupational therapist with extenive clinical and professional practice in public and private health. Joanne has a Master of Arts (Communications) and a Master of Philosophy (Medicine); her research thesis through University of Sydney medical school focused on the care of people living in the community following severe neurotrauma and the complexities of measuring and valuing informal care time. 

Joanne is a sought after expert witness in the assessment of complex catastrophic injuries, life limiting illness and disability in New South Wales courts. Her clinical and case management interventions focus on optimising functional participation and adaptation for individuals following significant injury, chronic or life limiting illness.

Joanne maintains her research interests and is also an accomplished trainer/ facilitator.  In addition to her post graduate studies in communications, Joanne has completed a Master NLP Trainer Program and has worked for a large multinational organisation as a corporate trainer and international business manager. She is currently involved in clinical group work with people who have life limiting illness at two large teaching hospitals in Sydney.  She is also a Certified Daring Way (TM)  and Rising Strong (TM) Facilitator - Candidate ( trained by Dr Brene Brown, Research Professor University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work). She is  CSNAT pracititoner offering carer support strategies for life limiting illness.

Pamela is a registered nurse who has additional qualifications in community health (Health Visiting) together with an MSc Health Sciences degree  (University of London). She has worked in the United Kingdom, New Zealand  and Australia with extensive experience in acute surgery and orthopaedics, community nursing, health visiting, young disabled, palliative clients and aged care. She has also worked as a research scientist with co-authored work published in the area of clinical  communication and medical errors.


Pamela's  current area of practice is in the field of child and family health nursing and in chronic disease management  in people older than 75 years.  Pamela is an expert medical chronologist and is actively involved in case management and facilitation of workflow at Evaluate.


Pam also works part-time as a clinical nurse consultant/ support coordinator at the Asbestos Diseases Research Institute (ADRI).


We offer telehealth therapeutic support and assessment services using a secure online platform for videoconferencing, designed specifically for health professionals.


All videoconference calls are encrypted from end to end, ensuring online security via the use of Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC). There is no download of a plugin or app on the client’s computer to execute the live video call and this reduces the risk of introducing any vulnerabilities to their device while ensuring best practice during our telehealth interventions.


Evaluate's friendly administration team manage our referrals and initial client contact. Our Practice Manager, Marisa, coordinates administration and client interface and will assist with any other service enquiries.


Please call Evaluate's on (02 9908 7711) during business hours (9.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday) and the Evaluate team will ensure your enquiry is managed quickly and effectively.

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